Programs to take on Easytype for newbies to be an expart in touch typing

In today’s time, few jobs are left which requires computer since the usage of the computer program reduces the time of the job. If you wish to boost your typing speed, then you can take effect typing instructions for novices from These instructions will help you raise your typing speed and you will finish your work on time and more efficiently. You should appropriately focus on these touch typing instructions provided by so that you can learn something good.

Typing speed test

If you’re a beginner and desire to learn fast typing, then, firstly, you need to select the typing speed test so that you may find out about your speed and may measure how much work you must do as a way to receive the fast typing speed. This is the first step of the touch typing lessons from wherever you’ll move more. Do not forget to try your typing speed daily when you are taking courses of fast typing from


Typing speed is the measuring factor of analyzing your improvement. They will teach you about the positions of the finger which should be kept in mind while typing. Step by step guidelines is given along with the images so that you can understand the exact finger positions. If you are not putting the right fingers for the particular alphabets, then you might lack in the speed of typing. If you are not aware of the exact finger positions then you might lose the orientation and chances of committing mistakes increases.

This is the first step of the touch typing lessons which will help in making your typing speed faster and efficient. Type daily with the exact finger positions and you will observe the positive difference in terms of speed.

Next key

Once you are well aware of the finger positions, then they will teach you about how to move towards the next key from the previous with in short span of time. This is the second step of the touch typing lessons and after this step, you will be able to move from one key to another key faster. After the successful completion of this step, you will observe that your typing speed has been improved. After this step, the score of your typing speed test will increase rapidly.

After the successful completion of this step, you will move towards the third course of

Typing without looking

Now this is the most important step of touch typing lessons as it will increase the speed of typing in a rapid manner. It is very important to learn touch typing without looking at the keyboard. If you constantly look at the keyboard and then type, then it will consume more time and is not an efficient way of typing.

They will guide you how to type without constantly looking at the keyboard.

Follow all these steps properly and take typing speed test daily so that you can see your improvement and analyze that how much time you still need to devote on the touch typing lessons.

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