Quality checked firearms with 80-percent-lower.com

80 Percent Lower is subdivision of Watkins Tools and Supply. They deal in the making of quality checked ‘Firearms’ for the legal DIY purpose for which FFL is not required and high quality of the 80 percent Lower is also ensured.

FFL means Federal Fire Arms License, is a license given in the United States, which enables any organisation or even an individual to get involved in a business of or productions in the firearms or ammunitions within the state or interstate. Otherwise any activity of production or selling of firearms without this license would be an illegal act.

80 percent lowers deals in production of such arms, for which FFL is not required. We have been in business since 1976 and have been excellent engineering dealers in making machine ready tools.
We take pride in production of AR15 80 percent lowers Receivers and 80 percent Lower Jigs that can be built by your own, and doesn’t require FFL. You get the pleasure to build your own firearms at your ease, which is also legal.

AR15 riffles are one of the most famous riffles being sold in the market. The AR in the AR15 riffles stand for ArmaLite, which is originally the name of the company that used to make AR15 riffles that originated in the 1950s.
Having a riffle or gun that is legally obtained, make one feel safe and guarded at all times. Many people even have got a passion to collect guns and rifles. 80 Percent Lower gives them an opportunity to build their own, DIY AR15 80 Percent Lower.

Our easy to combine Lower kit along with the Jig kit allows the user to build their own AR15 rifle very easily, with all the instructions provided and everything drilled accurately at the right positions, making it very handy for them. Heavy duty dies cast, produced after a 4 step quality process, which delivers an outstanding product for the user to choose from.

Our product AR15 80 percent Lower Black with kit is made with incredible Die Cast Aluminium and powder coated black and AR15 80 percent Lower Raw with kit is also made of incredible Die Cast but without powder. The product will get delivered to you by post and will have everything that you would need to assemble it and make your own 80 percent lower receiver .

Our idea is to provide high quality products for the user to build their very own 80 percent Lower receivers, which can get assembled simply by following our step by step guide.

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