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Wedding photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography and there is no doubt about it. In order to feel confident regarding this exciting task, a photographer of any level requires right planning, technical skills and knowledge.

I am Tom Hall and I am a Brisbane Wedding Photographer. I always look to excel among all Brisbane Wedding Photographers. When I was seventeen my mother gifted me a camera and my interest to click photos began. I built a studio named as Tom Hall Photography. I started with photography of many portrait and beauty sessions. As soon as I felt prepared I eventually took on the charge of photographing weddings. From there I have not looked back.

I work for creating the kind of ambience where people feel relaxed. Not only I am a Brisbane Wedding Photographer but also I am a Maleny Wedding Photographer. You can find my name among the top Maleny Wedding Photographers. I am happier than not to travel throughout Australia and abroad.

A wedding day exactly takes a whole day. I do consider the fact that your wedding is such an important once-in-a lifetime event. Therefore, I would ensure that every moment of your wedding day is captured by my camera.

The beginning of the wedding day is full of excitement, emotion and some of the most memorable shots. Whether I start my photography with the bride or groom, my approach can be the same.
There are many variations of shots, styles and poses that I love to use here as well as many technical aspects. These clicks can be the most creative shots of the day so my aim is to wow the couple with these. The group clicks can be super fun or incredibly stressful. With the right approach I will love to capture these shots.

While I should be aiming to get candid clicks throughout the day as a photographer but the evening can be an appropriate time to click some fantastic candid and atmospheric shots.
By the end of the day I have potentially taken a few 100s of images. As all the hard work is done, now I would like to work on my presentation part. These will make my images look stunning and professional.
Over the last eight years of photographing weddings I have learnt a lot about the art of capturing wedding moments. I would like to say that I do count among Award Winning photographers of Australia. I am an Award Winning Maleny Wedding Photographer.

I have achieved the title of, Best Wedding Photographer in my country. You can find my name both in lists of both Wedding Photographers Brisbane and Wedding Photographers Maleny. I have received some other prestigious awards on both national and international basis in photography. I understand you have many photographers out there to choose from and I can fully understand the fact that it’s not an easy task for you.

There are so many Best Wedding Photographers available in Australia from which you have to make your choice. I absolutely love weddings and this is why it is always a privilege for me if I get an invitation to capture such an important day in anyone’s life, wherever it is. I sincerely hope that you enjoy looking through the numerous pages of my website and seeing some of the pictures and stories of many weddings I have captured over the years. I cordially invite you to contact me as I would be very delighted to do the job of photography in your wedding.

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